Andrew Lint Photography

Andrew is an exceptional artist with a gift for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Using the age old technique of Pinhole Photography, Andrew has mastered this unpredictable art using a camera he constructed out of a large garbage can and  discontinued Agfa Black and White film paper. In this series of 5 prints, Andrew has captured Victoria like you've never seen it before. Chasing light to bring you a truly enchanting perspective of this city in which we live. We are honoured to be able to display these original works of art at the Cafe.

What Is Pinhole Photography?

A pinhole camera is a very simple camera with no lens and a single small aperture. Essentially it is a lightproof box with a small hole in one side. In the darkroom, light sensitive black and white paper is loaded into the box and then taken out into the world to create the exposure. Light from a scene then passes through this single point, projecting an inverted image on the opposite side of the box and miraculously creating the image on the paper. The paper negative then gets developed and turned into a positive in the darkroom.

These one of a kind prints are available for purchase and are currently on display at the Grindstone Cafe.